March 14 Feast of Medicine Activities

  In 14 March 1827, in term of 2nd Mahmut, the first hospital which is called Tıphane-i Amire and Cerrahhane-i Amire was established. Thus this day is considered as the beginning of the modern medical education. The first celebration was organized in response to invaders in Istanbul`s occupation period, in 1919 when the demonstrations and the meetings were prohibited. That`s why March 14 is the anniversary of the doctors` resistance to imperialism.

   Nowadays issues of health care workers are discussed and their contributions to science are rewarded on March 14.

   This year we`ll exhibit a game which is called "Mevthane" which is written by Zafer ÖZTEK who is from department of Public Health of our university and the game will be directed by Assistant Prof. Emin MALTEPE who is from Fine Arts Faculty of our university.

   Type of our game is black humour and the subject of our play is the most common and important problems of doctors nowadays.

   Cast: Halil İbrahim Doru, Kutluhan Eren Hazır, Enes Bursa, Eylül Özel, Merve Doğan, Ali Nasır Günsaldı, Anıl Kılınç, Tolga Kartal, Selda Berna Akgün, Aylin Garip.

   Program will be held in Faculty of Communication Adnan Soygun Auditorium. Furthermore, music recital will be prepared by our friends Beste Özdemir, Berat Ertek, Erol Savaş, Ahmet Faik Cem Ökçesiz, Özgü Deniz Kurnaz in the program.

Eylül Özel & Batuhan Değiş